Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sweet Dreams

I realize it has been so long since I have written, or posted anything on this website. We certainly think about you every day. Thanksgiving was last week - a truly memorable week for us as we couldn't forget what had happened last year at this time. Two days before Thanksgiving last year, you had your major open-heart surgery!

(these pictures were taken with my phone)
You came through that so well, surprising all of the doctors and nurses with your amazing recovery from the procedure. Mama and Daddy were so proud of you. We spent Thanksgiving day at the hospital with you, and even ate dinner there. We wanted to be all together as a family, and didn't want to leave you behind! We had fun that day, though. Thinking about Christmas coming up makes us miss you even more...but you getting to spend Christmas with Jesus this year is precious - brings me joy to think about that. Your big brother still thanks God for you every time he prays...he always thanks God for "daddy, mama, Dunkin (the dog), and baby Hannah".

Last night I had a dream about you. I haven't had a dream about you in a long time. In this dream, Daddy and I went to the hospital to visit you - and you were the age you would be now - just over a year old. You looked so good! The nurse was carrying you around, you only had a few tubes hooked up to you, you were wide awake, strong, and looking right at me. I couldn't wait to hold you - but I woke up from my dream before I had the chance to get you in my arms. I love having dreams about you - it truly feels like I got to see you again. Such a comfort, sweet girl... such a comfort.

You will be a big sister by April 3rd of next year. I know you are already looking over this sweet baby growing inside of me... we are seeing the same doctors and specialists who saw us when we were pregnant with you. They all remember you, too. The doctor who delivered you was so happy to see me back in his office for this pregnancy. His entire office was excited to see us again. The doctor is sad that he never got the chance to have his picture taken with you. However, he had the great privilege to bring you into this world - we will forever be grateful for him.

We have another big appointment coming up this Wednesday to get a better look at how this baby is doing. I wonder if you will have a baby sister, or a baby brother? I had a dream that it was a boy. We will see...

Sweet dreams, baby girl. Mama loves you and misses you... but do know that as much as we all miss you and wish you were here in our arms, we are happy that you are safe in the arms of Jesus. No more pain, no more tears, no more suffering...

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  1. Thank you for writing. I miss you too sweet baby girl, Hannah Joy. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I long for the day I can hold you in my arms. I want you to know that you have the most special Mommy, Daddy, and big brother. God gave you to them because He trusted only them with such precious gift. I love you sweet baby. Auntie Zetta.