Monday, July 25, 2011

Big Brother

Hey Baby Girl...

Your big brother Micah is growing up so fast. He is getting smarter by the day. He counts to 39 on his own, counts to 10 in Spanish, and can spell so many words. He truly loves to learn. Being smart can be a bad thing, too! He almost knows how to out-smart me...haha! He thinks he can get away with anything, and he sure knows how to work his mama. Tonight, for example, as I am typing this - he came running out of his room to sit with me on the bed, even though he's supposed to be sleeping. I guess he just needed some mom time (I think he knows I'm a softy). He has been sick since Friday, some sort of stomach bug. No fun. When he's sick I don't mind staying up later with him. As you well know, you always need your mama when you're sick...

Daddy and I have been busy planning a party in your honor. You get to spend your first birthday in will be having the greatest party of all up there! We will make sure we have a lot of fun at our party here, we won't make it a sad event. We know you want us to have fun. Your brother will certainly have fun with his friends and relatives there...he'll be excited to see all of the purple and pink balloons we will have for your party, too! More on that later...

Whenever Micah sees something pink or purple he says "Hannah! Pink and purple is for Hannah...oh Hannah would like this!" It might be a flower in the garden, or a toy on the shelf of the toy store. He has reminders of you everywhere.

Speaking of reminders, it is finally getting somewhat easier when people ask how many kids I have. For the longest time since you passed away, I avoided that question. I couldn't handle bursting into tears one more time. But now it's not so difficult. I proudly tell them "two..." Sometimes they ask further questions, which lets me talk about you. I don't mind that so much anymore. The hardest "reminder" right now is when filling out information forms at the dentist, or doctors, they ask "any surgeries in the past year?" And of course I am reminded of the day you were born - the last surgery I had, not quite a year ago yet. That made me sad to think was the reminder, the harsh reality that it really hasn't been that long since we had to say goodbye to you. You were born only 10 months ago. Time goes so fast, yet so slow.

Love you and miss you so much.

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